10 Different Types Of Guinea Pig Breeds

The majority of people associate guinea pigs with… guinea pigs. They had no idea that these lovely little rodents come in a variety of kinds. In fact, there are 13 different guinea pig breeds in all.

Because not all of these breeds are regularly maintained as pets, some of the animals on this list may be unfamiliar to you. Still, if you want to learn about all of the numerous types of guinea pigs, the following list will help you do so.

  1. The Abyssinian
    The Abyssinian Guinea pig is distinguished by its short, rough coat with cowlicks of hair. The word Abyssinian is derived from the geographical location of Abyssinia, which is located in modern-day Ethiopia.
    The typical Abyssinian bears ten rosettes: one on each shoulder, four across the chest, one on each hip, and two on the back.

2. The American
The American guinea pig is the most popular guinea pig breed. It is the breed that most people think of when they hear the word guinea pig. This breed has a kind demeanor and gets along well with other pigs. Because they are so easy to care for, this breed has gained a lot of popularity. Their hair is really short. Grooming long-haired guinea pigs can be a difficult task. This is not an unusual or uncommon breed, yet it is incredibly lovable.

3. The Peruvian
The Peruvian breed encompasses all current long-haired breeds. It’s a Guinea pig with hair that grows all over its body, up to 20 inches long in certain cases. Because of the lengthy hair, this type might be a little more difficult to care for than other Guinea pig varieties. They have a top and undercoat of hair, and because most Peruvian Guinea pigs are kept as pets, they are clipped on a regular basis to preserve their display coat in good shape. The coat should be kept at a consistent length throughout, with a central section running down the spine.

4. The Silkie
A silkie’s hair is long and drapes backwards over its body, never forwards over the face like a Peruvian’s. It should never have a center component when viewed from above since it generates a teardrop shape. In contrast to the Peruvian, where the coat is expected to fall in an even coat around the body, the Sheltie is commonly allowed to have a longer sweep of hair in the back.

5. The Teddy
The Teddy is a breed with a thick yet short coat. Teddy is also known as Wiry Teddy. Their hair is not as silky as the others, but it is quite manageable. The frizzy coat of this guinea pig needs constant brushing in order to eliminate anything adhered to the fur. Teddy is the name given to them since they resemble a plush animal. Another distinguishing feature of this type is its tilted nose, which is unique to this pig breed.

6. Texel
A Texel Guinea pig has curls in its hair, similar to a Silkie. The Texel is a dog breed that originated in England and was recognized by the American Canine Breeders Association (ACBA) in 1998. Tight coiled workscrew curls that encompass the entire body, especially the stomach, are great. The curls are really attractive, but they must be cared for by softly combing them to keep them trimmed.

7. The White Crested
This is the guinea pig, who is adorable, entertaining, and a crowd pleaser. Because they have a white crown over their heads, this kind of guinea pig is much easy to identify. They have a striking similarity to Americans. Their hair is silky smooth and short, making it very easy to manage.

8. Baldwin
It is a guinea pig breed that is one of the hairless breeds. They are born with hair, but it will all fall out within two months, leaving them absolutely bald. They frequently have creases and folds on the skin, as well as on the skull. The guinea pig’s skin is the same color as its coat. This is a breed that requires little maintenance and is very easy to care for. This breed makes a wonderful pet.

9. The Rex
Short, fluffy hair rises up all over the body of a Rex Guinea pig. The hair is smooth and consistent throughout, with no visible marks and a length of little more than half an inch. Although the Rex and Teddy breeds seem identical at times, they are genetically distinct.

10. The Himalayan
The Himalayan guinea pig is a unique breed that is sometimes referred to as a Siamese cat. They are a breed that comes highly recommended. They aren’t as uncommon as they appear to be. They are even considered albino since they have color on their feet, ears, and noses, which are referred to as points. This is a breed that is best suited to those who live in locations where there is little heat or sunlight. If the points are exposed to too much sunshine, they may fade away.

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