10 Funny Pictures Of Owl Legs Under Feathers

The owl leg trend has been going strong, and these photographs show why… they’re hilarious!

Owls are awe-inspiring creatures. They’re the lovable creature from the America’s Best Eyeglasses ad. However, it’s unlikely that these owls will begin up a chat about glasses. They have enormous, hypnotic eyes that follow you around and can swivel their heads like in the movie The Exorcist.

Some may be unaware that behind their delicate feathers, they have extremely long legs that would put any runway model to shame. On social media, their envious legs went viral. We can’t get enough of them because they have legs for ‘nights.’

  1. One, Two Three; One, Two Three
    This owl is serious about its business, and no one can stop it. Burrowing owls are the name given to these owls. They aren’t as tall as the other guy, but they have just as much leg. This small animal, native to North and South America, can be found commanding his territory with his muscular strides that mean business.
    This burrowing owl has a specific goal in mind. He’s someone you don’t want to mess with because of his severe expression and furrowed forehead. Burrowing owls are sometimes known as marching owls on the internet. It all makes sense. If you see him zoom past you like Wile E. Coyote, don’t be shocked.

2. Running Late For Work
It’s amusing to watch an owl with legs that are almost human-like if not for the feathers. Freeze the image of New Yorkers taking lengthy strides through Manhattan’s bustling streets. When you compare the owl photographs side by side, you’ve got a winner.

The owl appears to be late for an important business meeting. He needs to extend his strides and pick up the pace with barely ten minutes to spare.

3. Don’t Mind Me
Nothing seems better than stretching out your legs in the sun and taking a nice bath. This owl had the same thought and is having a blast with it. Being an owl might be exhausting at times, and you’ll need some R&R to get through the day. While you’re doing it, stretch out your leg as well.

The owl’s expressions have also added to the photo’s amusement value. He is unconcerned about the photographer who has captured him in his spare time. If you’re going to photograph an owl’s routines, you might as well record every detail.

4. Can We Help You?
These newborn owls have an attitude, or at least their eyes give the impression that they do. While one of the baby owls is preoccupied with something out of view, the other is engrossing itself in your soul. Check out those legs, too, in addition to the eyes.

If you lift the owl’s upper body higher, the legs continue to move. Their long magnificent legs and puffy feathers give the impression that he’s wearing a skirt. Only a pair of stiletto heels are lacking.

5. What Did You Say!?
You’d be six feet under if you came face to face with this owl. The feather pattern on his forehead sends a “don’t meddle with me” message to Burrowing owls. When you add in the owl’s fast-moving legs, you have an owl ready to rumble.

The Burrowing owl, like other owls, has extra-long legs, and you can often see them running around in their habitats in broad daylight. Maybe they’ll beat Usain Bolt to the finish line. You’ll see this tiny man on the track during the next Olympics.

6. You Gotta Work It
This owl is making the most of his runway legs by showing off what he’s got. What a stunning position that should be featured in Vogue magazine. He’s a pro, as seen by his long legs, lifted foot, and extended right-wing.

The shot is made more intense by the furrowed forehead. The photograph also has nice focus and illumination in the backdrop. This owl was born to be a model, and he’s well aware of it. Who is Noami Campbell?

7. What Are You Looking At?
After being posted on Twitter, these photographs went viral on Facebook and Reddit. The shot was taken in a Japanese owl cafe, where you may enjoy a cup of coffee while learning about these nocturnal creatures. The density of feathers, combined with their more rounded body composition, creates the impression that they have short legs. The illusion has been exposed!

The owl in the first image looks at you, as if to say, “Try me?” On one, he’s irritated, while in the other, he’s just plain angry. This new information enraged fans online, prompting some jokes. Hedwig from Harry Potter would have something to say about how his fellow owls are being treated.

8. Maybe If I Stay Still They Won’t See Me
Talk about capturing the perfect moment on film. It’s a moment that has been frozen in time. Humans could accomplish a lot and travel more if they could fly like owls. This photo demonstrates how long owl legs may be and how they help in takeoff.

His expression suggests that we’ve caught him doing something he shouldn’t be doing and he’s attempting to keep his cool. If you look attentively at his legs, you can notice that he has well-defined quads and calves. Leg day is a must for him.

9. Here We Go Again
When it comes to owls, appearances can be deceiving. This owl’s owner decided to correct a widespread misunderstanding. The first photo on the left has a “I dare you” feel to it. The second image has a dejected appearance, as if this isn’t the first time this has happened.

People joked about the photographs after they were released on Twitter. A GIF of a clip from Spongebob was included by a Twitter user. You can figure out who it is. Spongebob shows off his thin leg with a developed quad muscle in this GIF.

10. Criss Cross Applesauce
Many zoos and wildlife sanctuaries use it as a lesson experience because few people are aware that owls have lengthy legs hidden beneath their bodies. This has to be one of the most adorable owl foot photos we’ve ever seen! Take a look at him!

Take note of the pee pad as well. This youngster is not only sitting adorably, but he’s also presumably being potty-trained. Is it possible to keep him?

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