10 Most Common Types of Doves You Must Know As A Bird Lover

Doves are one of the world’s most popular pet birds. Doves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, both in captivity and in the wild. Doves of all kinds are popular as pet birds among humans. White doves are utilized in wedding rituals and as a sign of peace. They’re smart, beautiful, passionate, and vocalists. They survive on the bare necessities and adjust rapidly. They are easily trainable and may be used to capture other wild doves.

  1. Emerald Dove
    The Emerald Dove is one of the most beautiful doves in the world, and it can be found in the Indian subcontinent. The bird is the state bird of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. They are medium-sized birds with bright green wings and cherry red beaks. They dwell in bushes, farms, and human homes.

2. Red Collared Dove
The Spotted Dove is a bird endemic to the Indian subcontinent that may be found all over the world. The bird is tiny, brown in color, has a long tail, and its entire body is covered in little black dots. The bird’s neck bears a medium speckled ring.

3. Common Ground-Dove
The common ground-dove is the most common dove species in the United States. There are almost two million doves in the world. They are tiny, sparrow-sized birds with brown feathers and small black patches. In North America, they are one of the tiniest doves. They dwell in the desert shrubs and thickets.

4. White-tipped Dove
White-tipped doves are one of America’s rarest birds. They number less than 10,000 people in total. In the fall, they can be found in a flock in southern Texas. The dove is bluish-brown in hue with white markings on the tip of its head.

5. Spotted Dove
Spotted doves are mostly found in nations in South and Southeast Asia. They are dark in hue and have a huge ring of spotted feathers around their neck. They can adapt to any situation and may currently be found all over the planet.

6. Turtle Dove
Turtle doves may be found in both temperate and tropical climates. Ringneck dove and laughing dove are other names for them. Turtles and doves have nothing in common. The bird’s name originates from the sound it makes, which may astonish males.

7. Inca Dove
The Inca dove is native to Peru’s moderate climate of Inca. The dove can live in temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Mountain scrubs and plants are their preferred environment. The population of the United States is estimated to be approximately 700,000 people. They congregate for warmth and create “Pyramid Height” one on top of the other.

8. Ruddy Ground-Dove
The ruddy ground-dove is one of North America’s rarest doves. They’re frequently seen among Inca doves and common ground-doves. They are found in habitats and semi-habitats.

9. Mourning Doves
In the United States of America, mourning doves are the most frequent dove. Electric lines in streets, trees, buildings, and fields are clearly apparent. The sound of the dove generates a quiet, drawn-out or cry from which the dove’s name, like “mourning,” is derived. They travel at a breakneck pace, like a speeding bullet.

10. Eurasian Collared Dove
The Indian subcontinent’s native dove variation is the Eurasian collared dove. They are not migratory birds, but rather local and common diving birds. The birds’ necks are adorned with a lovely ring. The color is brown, tiny in stature, and quite active. Streets, farmhouses, human dwellings, and shrubs are all common places to find them. They’re typically seen in pairs, and the song “Googo–Googo” is one of the most well-known.

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