10+ Photos Proving That Hens Are The Best Moms In The Animal Kingdom

Mothers are fantastic. They are kind, loving, and capable of doing everything for the children. 

Hens are known to adopt and care for other chicks as if they were their own. Farmers frequently have their hens adopt young chicks. However, chickens are occasionally ready to accept other animals as well.

Take a peek at these 10+ incredible mother chickens with their little “kids.” Which one astonished you the most?

  1. Hen And Dog

2. Hen Taking Care Of Kittens During Storm

3. Hilda The Hen Hatches Clutch Of Ducklings After Sitting On Wrong Nest And Now They’re Her Babies

4. Piglet And Mother Hen

Piglet And Mother Hen

5. Hen And Her Adopted Litter Of Puppies

Hen And Her Adopted Litter Of Puppies

6. Hen And Her Kittens

7. Gertrud The Chicken Adopted American Rhea Chicks

8. Mother Hen And Her Pigeons

9. Momma Hen And Her Ducklings

10. Broody Babysits Fantail Pigeons

11. Mother Of All

12. Baby Jackdaw Adopted By Broody Hen & Fed By Us

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