11 Adorable Animals You Absolutely Need to Follow on Instagram

  1. Pumpkin

Pumpkin was only a month old when she fractured her leg after falling from a tree. Her raccoon mother never came back for her, but she’s doing better than ever now, spending time with her human mother, Laura, and rescue canine siblings, Oreo and Toffee.
Instagram: @pumpkintheraccoon

pumpkin the raccoon - animals to follow on instagram

2. Jill
Jill fell out of her nest during Hurricane Isaac in 2012, and her human mother took her inside to provide her with temporary protection from the storm. Needless to say, Jill’s “temporary” refuge turned into her permanent residence… and she became a social media sensation.
Instagram: @this_girl_is_a_squirrel

jill the squirrel - animals to follow on instagram

3. Reagan
Reagan the Australian labradoodle is adorable in and of himself, but the photos his human mother takes of him and his human siblings are even sweeter.
Instagram: @reagandoodle

reagan doodle - animals to follow on instagram

4. Nala
Tabby-Siamese mix Nala is lovely in every aspect, but it’s her dazzling bright blue eyes that make you pause and double-tap your Instagram page.
Instgram: @nala_cat

nala cat - animals to follow on instagram

5. Lionel
Lionel is prickly, yet he’s also a sweetheart: Anna, his human mother, has been known to carry him in her purse around Charleston, South Carolina (and yes, as a bonafide Instagram celeb, he often gets “recognized”).
Instagram: @lionelthehog

lionel - animals to follow on instagram

6. Lizzie and Ally
What could be more adorable than a huge, loving golden retriever? Golden retrievers who are inseparable best friends. (For evidence, have a look at their beautiful Instagram page.)
Instagram: @lizzie.bear

lizzie and ally - animals to follow on instagram

7. Waffles
Waffles the cat was named one of Forbes’ Top 10 Pet Influencers in 2017, in addition to continually amusing his fans with all types of funny altered photographs.
Instagram: @waffles_the_cat

waffles - animals to follow on instagram

8. Puddin
Puddin found a loving home with her new human, Cory, after her previous owners left her with an illness that caused her to lose both of her eyes. She also has a passion for life that makes following her on Instagram an absolute delight.
Instagram:  @mydearpuddin

puddin - animals to follow on instagram

9. Juniper
Juniper may appear to be any other companion dog, but she is actually a domestic fox. Keep up with her travels with her fox pal Fig and their other furry family members, who include a dog, a cat, and two sugar gliders, on Instagram.
Instagram: @juniperfoxx

juniper the fox - animals to follow on instagram

10. Melvin
Melvin not only has a lovely gray coat (and an exquisite white nose! ), but he also has a wonderful rabbit companion named Bianca.
Instagram: @bunnymelv

melvin the bunny - animals to follow on instagram

11. Prissy and Pop
On Instagram, pig best friends Prissy and Pop are recognized for donning fashionable clothing and attending classes with their human mother, who is a teacher. They’re also the stars of Prissy & Pop: Big Day Out, a children’s book.
Instagram: @prissy_pig

prissy the pig - animals to follow on instagram

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