12 More Adorable Baby Beavers That Will Make Your Week

Questions were raised after a furry baby beaver made an unexpected debut on a Calgary golf course. Naturally, this attracted a slew of inquiries. How did the beaver kit end up on the golf course in the first place? What happened to its mother? And, maybe most importantly, are all baby beavers truly this adorable?

Surprisingly, it appears that the answer is yes. While we typically consider of the hardworking beaver as a great symbol of our country and a role model for us all, we seem to have forgotten that beavers are also simply cute. They may grow up to be powerful, dedicated workers, but they start off as some of the loveliest young creatures in the Canadian wild, with their little webbed paws, puffy fur coats, and tiny, flat tails.

Beaver kits are just as adorable as puppies and kittens, and we’ve compiled a gallery of some of our favorites to prove it. Grab a cushion because these baby beavers will make you want to squeeze something as they enjoy life, explore the world, and be supreme fuzzballs.

baby beaver by a lot


Beaver kit at riverside


baby beaver in pool


baby beavers playing


beaver kit swimming


baby beaver being bottle-fed


baby beaver in water


baby beaver in river


baby beaver reaching out arms


two baby beavers


baby beaver nibbling on branch


baby beaver in pool

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