12 Truly Interesting Facts About Australian Cattle Dogs

The Australian Cattle Dog is a sharp and independent thinker who makes an outstanding security dog.

  1. Australian Cattle Dogs are number 10 on the smartest dog breed list

2. They are know as well as Heelers

3. Heelers were breed specifically to herd cattle

4. They drive cattle by nipping their heels that`s why they are called Heelers

5. Heelers are born almost completely white

6. Heelers were recognized and accepted into the AKC in 1980

7. There is a variation of the breed that is born tailess or bobtailed

8. The white patch on a heeler’s head is called a “Bently Mark”

9. The breed standard was set in Australia in 1903

10. Other names: Australian Cattle Dog, Red heeler, Blue heeler, Queensland heeler, and Australian heelers.

11. Australian Cattle dog is a faithful companion and is good with children

12. Heelers have a double coat that sheds twice a year

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