14 Times Tree Kangaroos Gave You Life

So. Freaking. Adorable.

  1.  When this tree kangaroo looked like she was taking her senior photo.

2. When this kangaroo was hella determined to get to their destination.

3. When this little one loved the camera.

4. When this brand new joey was keeping warm in his mom’s pouch.

5. When this vegetarian ‘roo was happy af.

6. When this duo proved that the apple, or should I say lettuce, doesn’t fall far from the tree.

7. When this little guy was telling his mama a secret.

8. Lastly, when this kangaroo majestically looked off into the distance like Tom Haverford.

9. When this mama made her joey very happy.

10. When this newborn was excited to see what the world had in store.

11. When this little blob looked like a baby bear.

12. When this tree lover craved the spotlight.

13. When this kangaroo looked high as a kite.

14. When this pal was looking for a high five.

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