15 Animal Selfies That Are Much Better Than Human Selfies

That is an indisputable fact. Animals can easily surpass all of our accomplishments and activities. They are capable of doing anything due to their cuteness. They sometimes do things without even realizing they’re doing it and nail it. Take, for example, these animal selfies. We all know they aren’t “selfies,” but they really look like them. These adorable pets would put any Instagram model to shame. Perhaps these four-legged friends should have their own Instagram profiles as well.
Because animals are considerably better at snapping selfies than humans, we gathered a handful of theirs to back up our claim. It’s not just our opinion, and we think you’ll agree with us after seeing the photos below:

  1. Following the trend of taking selfies with your tongue out!

2. This is slightly creepy.

3. Time for a group selfie.

4. Accidentally opening the front camera and still looking gorgeous.

5. Manny the Selfie Cat actually went viral for this amazing selfie.

6. He doesn’t smile for the camera.

7. Taking a selfie from down below.

8. Vacation time. Letting out the craziness!

9. Take a picture before going to sleep!

10. We are good brothers

11. Trying to be cool in front of the camera

12. “Hey buddy! Look at this! I’m taking a selfie.”

13. “OMG! I forgot to pose”

14. Let’s be together forever!

15. “Eww!! Who looks so ugly?

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