15 Animals Who Look Like They Had A Rough Night

1. This cat who looks like he has now idea how he got here

2. This good boy trying to get a drink at the bar

3. This cat suffering from Sunday demons

4. This dude who doesn’t have anything left in the tank

5. This poor guy who just can’t get to that 8 a.m. class

6. And this raccoon who’s like “this is really more comfortable than it looks”

7. This kitten who definitely didn’t need that extra catnip

8. This cat who thought this was a good idea at the time

9. These two who have “guilty” written across their faces

10. This pup who’s like, “I live here now.”

11. This bad boy who realizes his mistake and can’t get out of it

12. This pup cocooned in a blanket

13. This cutie with the late-night munchies

14. This smooth criminal

15. This turtle causing minor dorm damage

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