15 Cats That Should Be Supermodels

Fashion shows are known for their gorgeous cats, which is why they are called catwalks. Nobody goes about strutting their stuff like a cat.

  1. His eyes don’t work, but that’s because he’s too busy being gorgeous.

2. Breathtaking.

3. Try telling this cat “no.” You can’t. It’s impossible.

4. Work those angles.

5. Flowers are pretty, but they don’t stand a chance against this kitty.

6. Who wore it better?

7. She doesn’t get out of bed for less than 10 cans of tuna a day.

8.Cookies and cream, cat edition.

9. Eyeliner on point.

10. Like ethereal snowballs.

11. Russian Blue Steel

12. It’s good to be king.

13. Hypnotizing.

14. Literally a supermodel.

15. Annnd… pose.

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