15 Cute Cats Who Simply Do Not Understand What Personal Space Is

Cats are fascinating characters. They are demanding and moody, unlike dogs. They either need your undivided attention or can’t stand the sight of you. You could be touching them and listening to them purr one minute, and the next they’re biting your hand for no apparent reason.

Nobody knows what causes cats to behave in this manner. It’s just the way they are. They can’t help themselves. They adore their owners, yet they occasionally desire to attack them as well.

Most cats are also a little protective of their owners. They’d want you to be available at all times, which means you can’t be distracted by anything else. They will go to tremendous measures to ensure that they always have your undivided attention.

If you own a cat, you are well aware that they have no regard for your personal space. Cats go anywhere they want and do anything they want. That’s the life of a cat. These 15 photographs demonstrate how little regard these cats have for limits.

1. Can I Sleep On Your Head?

2. Let Me Help You Drive

3. Seems Like A Good Book

4. Just Look At Me

5. Put Down The Tablet

6. Get The Ones In The Back

7. Whatcha Got Under There?

8. Take Me With You

9. Mind If I Have A Seat?

10. Let Take Some Photos

11. Fighting for attention

12. I Can Be Your Eye Mask

13. So where are you sleeping?

14. I Love Your Hair

15. You Aren’t Going Anywhere For A While

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