15 Interesting Facts About Animals You May Not Know

Your mind always urges you to discover interesting things about the animal world around you, from single-celled organisms to blue whales, each animal has something interesting to explore. The list below will surprise you with wonderful qualities and characteristics that cannot be confused with any other race on this Earth.

  1. Elephant
    Elephants have the ability to “sniff” where there is water from 3 miles away (about 5km). They are also one of three mammals that go through menopause including humpback whales and women.
Source: Twitter

2. Beaver
The beaver’s teeth do not stop growing throughout its life. If they do not want the teeth to be too long and difficult to control, the beaver must eat hard foods to wear them down.

Source: The Cut

3. Ants
Watch out for the anger of this little animal because each ant nest can number in the millions. Ants never sleep and have no lungs.

4. Sea Otter
Did you know sea otters hold hands while sleeping? This may sound cute, but because these cetaceans sometimes sleep floating on the water, they hold hands to make sure they don’t drift away from the herd.

Source: ithaca

5. Dart Frog
Although it looks cute, in fact poison dart frogs can be deadly. The venom from the yellow dart frog can take the lives of 10 men! The poison, called batrachotoxin, causes paralysis and can eventually lead to death.

6. Penguins
Proposals aren’t just for people. Male penguins of the Adelie and Gentoo species are looking for the perfect pebble to give to the female. When the pebble is accepted, the couple will work together to find more pebbles to build a mound to lay eggs.

Source: Flickr

7. Oyster
Animals living in coastal cliffs or estuaries have extremely “weird” abilities. Oysters can change sex to match the mating method.

Source: Etsy

8. Dogs
Dog nose prints are similar to human fingerprints and can be used to identify different dogs.

9. Horse
Horses can sleep in both standing and lying positions. To prevent them from falling when standing with their eyes closed, they lock their feet.

10. Hummingbird
The only bird that can fly backwards, the hummingbird can fly side to side, upside down and hovering. However, the only thing they can’t do is walk. The extremely short legs make walking or jumping a very difficult exercise for this animal.

11. Jellyfish
If jellyfish are cut into two pieces, they can regenerate, forming two separate individuals.

12. Hippos
Hippos secrete a red oily liquid, sometimes called blood sweat, which contains substances that act as repellents, sunscreens, skin conditioners as well as antibiotics.

Source: Twitter

13. Kangaroo
Kangaroos use their tails for balance, so if you lift a Kangaroo’s tail off the ground, it won’t be able to jump and stand.

14. Dolphin
Do you know dolphins keep an eye on predators by sleeping with one eye open? To avoid sleep deprivation, they rest one side of the brain while the other continues to work.

Source: Pinterest

15. Ostriches
With long legs that can grow up to 1.5 m tall and weigh 20-25 kg, ostriches can run faster than horses. In addition, male ostriches can “roar” like a lion.

Source: Flickr

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