15 Reasons You Should Never Let Your Dog Play In The Mud

You’ve just finished giving your cute puppy a bath. You’ve brushed its coat, which now shines like burnished copper. However, you neglected to latch the back door, and your rambunctious pup bolts outdoors. Then you remember: it’s been raining recently, there’s dirt all over the place, and your dog is already frolicking around muddy puddles like Peppa Pig.

That’s just one of many scenarios in which your lovely floof of a doggo might become dirty, sloppy, and mucky. Bored Panda has put together a collection of charming and amusing photographs that demonstrate why you should never let your dog have a mud bath. So scroll down, upvote these amusing doggers, and let us know if your pet has ever done anything similar in the comments.

1.As Expected I Got Super Super Muddy And Had A Great Time, However I Partied A Bit Too Hard

2. Dog Playing In River Evolves Into Supermodel

3. Before And After Mud Bath

4. “Today I Discovered Mud Puddles. Best. Day. Ever”

5. Our Babies When They Play Too Much. Alice And Figo

6. Wat, Mahm? Dirt? Where? I See Nuffin

7. Ran Through The Tall Weeds With Her Velcro Fur. Took A Bath And Nearly 2 Hours Of Brushing To Get Them All Out

8. Anyone Knows How To Clean A Bath? Asking For A Friend

9. Is This Not Good?

10. Mud Dogger

11. Someone Found The Only Mud Puddle In The Dog Park

12. Oh You Dirty Dog

13. I See Your Muddy Pupper, And I Raise You Mine

14. Found Her Playing In The Mud In The Backyard

15. Was Asked If Martha Ever Got Muddy. Well, Yes. A Little

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