15 Strange Animals You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

There are innumerable strange species that have been discovered and documented by devoted nature lovers, from the steamy tropical forests of Africa and South America to the frigid waters of Antarctica. Then, when you think you’ve seen it all, nature shocks you with hundreds of new creatures that are even stranger than the ones you’ve seen before. Then strap yourself in for an awe-inspiring adventure as we find some of these odd creatures.

  1. Shoebill
    As the name suggests, the Shoe bill is also referred to as a stork. It is roughly 20cms wide by 24cms long. Baby crocodiles and fishes can be decapitated in a matter of seconds with razor-sharp beaks.

2. Okapi
Okapi is said to as Giraffe’s relative. Primarily located in Africa, the weird animal you probably didn’t even know existed (Congo). Their numbers have dropped to less than 10,000 and they’ll soon be in danger. It looks like a cross between a giraffe and a zebra.

3. Saiga Antelope
The bulk of Saiga Antlopes live in Russia. It is now extinct in the United States and the People’s Republic of China. Cuteness is accentuated by its black marks on cheeks and nose. In response to the weather, the color of their exterior skin or coat will change, as well.

4. Mantis Shrimp
Despite their small size, mantis shrimp are incredibly powerful and keen. A 20-year life span is possible for these shrimps.

5. Dumbo Octopus
The body of the Dumbo Octopus is made up of flippers and limbs, and it comes in green, red, and orange colors. Animals living at depths of 9,800 feet to 13,000 feet.

6. Fossa
Fossa is a member of the Mongoose family and can be found on the islands of Africa. They can grow up to six feet in length. When he runs, Fossa can reach speeds of up to 35 kph. Dog, mongoose, and cat all appear alike in this Carnivorous mammal.

7. Red-lipped batfish
At depths, red-lipped batfish can be found. A carnivore, these fish are attracted to their prey because of the way they appear to them. Prey includes shrimp, tiny fish, and crabs, among others.

8. Zebra Duiker
Zebra Duikers live in rain forests. You’ll find it eating a variety of plants, including grass, leaves, fruits, and buds. It uses its horns to defend itself from predators.

9. Cantor’s Giant Soft Shell Turtle
Despite being the world’s largest turtle species, it is also the oddest. Predators are kept at bay by the shell. But they are not on the outside surface of the fish, but rather on the ribs.

10. Sunda Colugo
Sunda Colugo is also known as the Malayan Flying Lemur. The lemur, on the other hand, is neither a bird nor a lemur. Sleeping during the day, it is active at night. Foliage and fruit are its favorite foods.

11. Lamprey
Fish with a funnel-shaped sucking mouth are known as lampreys, which have no jaws. Hyperoartia is the scientific name for these lampreys. They have a similar appearance to hagfish. These can be found in the Great Lakes of North America.

12. Patagonian Mara
Argentina is home to the Patagonian Mara, which enjoys eating fruits, vegetables, green leaves, and fresh grass. They are guinea pig’s relative.

13. Gobi Jerboa
Gobi Jerboa is found in North Africa and Asia. As a member of the rodent family, it prefers to dwell in deserts and grasslands with a temperate climate.

14. Panda Ant
The female Panda ant lays more than 2000 eggs, but only a few of them survive the ant eaters. Out of these handful, more than 90% had a life expectancy of less than two years. Consequently, they are at risk.

15. Gerenuk
This can be found primarily in Africa, in places like Kenya and Somalia. You can find them eating everything from fruits to flowers and even creepers. There’s no need to drink water because it doesn’t require it.

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