16 Dogs Who Don’t Know Their Own Size

You don’t want to think about the day when your small who grows up and loses its puppy fat when you welcome it into your home and heart. However, the day will come when your puppy will mature into a dog. And it continues to expand. And growing. And doesn’t stop.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes are adorable, but there’s something particularly amusing about a large dog who thinks he’s a lap dog. Anyone who has ever had or attempted to snuggle in their lap understands precisely what we’re talking about. Yes, your legs go numb right away, but you can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous the situation is. Similarly, owners of large dogs frequently find their four-legged companion stuck in a gate or with their head jammed in the lid of a garbage can. You must, of course, take a photograph before rescuing them from their dilemma! To celebrate these hilarious occasions, we’ve compiled a list of the 16 most hilarious mistakes from our readers who caught their pets forgetting how large they actually are.

Here are the photos of the biggest, most playful, fluffiest, and young-at-heart puppies that you’d want to hug all day and get lost in their fur, so scroll down and upvote the best boys and girls. Is your heart craving for more colossal dogs who have no idea how large they are?

#1 This Is Ben. He Has A Beard. And He Is Human-Sized

We Get Fun Looks In Traffic. He should get Chewbacca’s ‘bandolier’. The utility belt he wears in the movie over his shoulder. That would give people something to grin at when he’s driving. Awesome dog!

#2 He May Look Like A Bear But He Identifies As A Lap Dog

He was only 18 months old in this photo and we had just rescued him about 3 weeks earlier.

#3 Bonner, Newfoundland, Can Often Be Spotted In Our Rehabilitation Unit Encouraging Patients

Bonner looks like the biggest, sweetest floor. Who wouldn’t want to hug him?

However, just because a dog is large does not mean it is overweight (aka a chunky chunk). All joking aside, if you want your family pet to have a long and happy life, it’s critical that you assist it in staying thin and avoiding the dreaded “overweight zone,” which necessitates additional effort on your part. If you want to discover how to help your dog live a happy and healthy life, keep reading our full interview with them.

#4 Here’s Another One Of Our Rescues, Yuki

A bad dog owner dumped this wolfdog at a kill shelter when he got too big and too much to handle. Luckily a sanctuary took him, instead and saved his life!

#5 Big Dogs Can Be Scared At The Vet Too

#6 Once A Lap Dog, Always A Lap Dog

That dog is absolutely stunning!

#7 My 85 Lb Dog Is Scared Of My Sister’s 1,5 Lb Foster Kitten

Once a dog gets a good swipe across the nose with sharp needle-like claws, they will learn not to mess with cats—-even 1.5 lb kittens! Though it would be better if they could just get along without fear on either side.

Many big dogs are for some reason. But more often of the very small dogs.

#8 This Christmas Tree Farm Has Newfies That Will Cart Your Tree To Your Car For You

#9 There Was A Giant Traffic Jam In The Walkways At The Expo.

I Finally Found Out What Was Slowing Everyone Down. This Giant Bear Dog Was Getting Pets By Thousands Of People

#10 Am I The Only One That Needs A Little Help Getting In The Car?

That is an absolute definition of a unit.

#11 Our Neighbor Sent Me This Adorable Display Of Pure Joy Between Our Dogs.

They Finally Got Him A Stool So He Could Greet His Big Friend Properly

#12 Big Boy

#13 16 Months Apart

#14 Lazy Giant

Naughty too. Showing tongue to others is so cute

#15 This Heat Is Unbearable For Ralphie The Newf

Uhh that’s a bear, not a dog, retreat slowly or you will die from the cuteness

#16 In Person, Zammy’s Bigger Than Life.

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