17 Hilarious Photos That Prove Jack Russells Can Sleep Anywhere

  1. This one is the ultimate “loafer”.

2. And clearly Jacks have mastered it.

3. Wouldn’t the sofa be more comfortable?

4. That’s a perfect fit.

5. Not interested.

6. Oh you’ve chosen my bed, have you?

7. Dreaming of his next meal?

8. Ever so graceful…

9. Finally, this cutie looks like she’s having some sweet dreams.

10. Is this a Jack Russell or a human?

11. Really?

12. Oh well that’s just adorable.

13. That looks pretty squishy.

14. Look at that little pup!

cute puppy jack russell photo nap time

15. “Put your legs in the air like you just don’t care!”

16. Isn’t her neck sore?

17. It takes a lot of skill to fall asleep sitting up.

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