20 Adorable Alpacas That’ll Make Your Day

Alpacas were considered to be a gift from Mother Earth to the Incas, but they are a gift to all of us. They’re related to camels, but they’re smaller, fluffier, and more photogenic than this side of the family. To brighten your day, we put together a wonderful assortment of alpacas. Look at their big eyes, grins, statement hairstyles, and attitude, and you’ll know they can make you happy at any time.

  1. “Rest your head on my shoulder”

2. Somebody’s peeking at you

3. Anyone there? I can’t see anything.

Fluffy Headed Alpaca

4. Want to take us home?

5. Welcome to the herd!

6.The alpacas have found their new king.

7. The one thing more adorable than an alpaca: a baby alpaca.

8. We all reach that age where we start experimenting with hairstyles.

9. What big eyes you have

30+ Happy Alpacas That Are Sweeter Than Baby Yoda

10. Apparently, these alpacas had a happy Mother’s Day.

11. A kiss makes everything better.

12. Three cool alpacas just hanging out.

13. Alpaca photobomb level: Master

14. She was very cooperative.

15. These 2 are all smiles!

16. What a happy little blob!

17. 3…maybe 4…heads are better than one!

18. A real fashionista

See the source image

19. Smile!

See the source image

20. “Human took my cloth…”

See the source image

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