20 Adorably Whimsical Wildlife Photos By Photographer Julian Rad

Julian Rad is one of the top wildlife photographers around. His breathtaking nature photographs serve as a reminder of what is truly important in life. It’s the little things that count. It’s incredible to see the excitement on some of the squirrels’ expressions in his photos when they find a great berry bush or a particularly large nut. Also, it’s amazing to see how content a fox is simply running around in the rain… It’s very remarkable, to be honest.

Julian has an amazing ability for capturing these simple yet beautiful moments, and it’s our pleasure to share a few of them with you today. We’ve chosen 20 of our favorite Julian Rad wildlife images for you to appreciate. If you enjoy cute little animals as much as we do, these will almost certainly bring a big smile to your face. If you enjoy what you see, make sure to follow him on Instagram (@julianradwildlife) or Facebook (Julian Rad – Wildlife Photography) for more incredible images like these!

  1. Two rabbits
    Julian filmed a really endearing exchange between these two rabbits. They came across a lot of lovely red berries to eat. Fortunately, there is enough for each of them.

2. Gimme a hug!!!!
This squirrel is smitten by the orange and yellow blossom it discovered. The flower is very lovely, so the squirrel reaches up to give it a hug. Who wouldn’t want a hug from such a lovely flower?

3. Hopefully spring comes soon…
Another little squirrel discovered a gorgeous crimson bloom. The squirrel, instead of trying to cuddle it, only wants to inhale its delightful new aroma. The floral scent transports the squirrel to spring.

4. Say cheese
Julian’s photograph is one of his best. He manages to persuade one of the foxes to glance through the camera at the other, as if they were taking photographs of each other. This is the pinnacle of wildlife photography.

5. The Stare Down
As Julian shoots the photo, this fox keeps a close eye on him. “I know what you’re doing, and I don’t like it!” the fox says with a total stare down. Not every animal enjoys being famous on the internet.

6. “Hey Mr. Snowman, can I eat your Head?”
The squirrel begins by creating a lovely miniature snowman. However, it can’t help but take a bite out of the head shortly after. It may be really boring to live in the woods during the winter, but this squirrel is keeping himself active.

7. European Hamster & Spruce Cone
There is such a thing as a European Hamster, it turns out. They are found in Eurasia’s wild and cover a huge range. Their natural habitat stretches from Belgium to Russia. A spruce cone is being enjoyed by this one.

8. Reflections…
Here’s a cool picture of a hamster going down to the water’s edge for a drink. The hamster is so thirsty that it misses its own reflection in the puddle. However, we can absolutely appreciate how fantastic it is.

9. Red Squirrel & Nut
You don’t have to bother about table manners while you live outside. You are free to eat whatever you want. This greedy red squirrel is gnawing on a tasty nut, scattering crumbs all over the place.

10. Deep Thoughts
This red squirrel found a lovely area to rest and reflect on life. While pondering what the reflection in the water signifies, the squirrel clears its thoughts by eating a nut. “Does that look like me?” it wonders.

11. Just.. a little.. bit….closer
Have you ever come across a particularly tasty nut that was just out of reach? You want it so badly, yet you can’t seem to get it… That is exactly what is going on in this photograph. The squirrel doesn’t want to get wet, but that nut is too tempting to pass up.

12. The Ring
This red squirrel has discovered the ideal location for getting a closer look at itself. It’s situated atop a ring of vines in the calmest area of the creek, peering out into the water. It serves as an excellent natural mirror. The squirrel thinks to itself, “So this is how I look.”

13. Red Squirrel
This athletic red squirrel leaps across the stream to the dry land on the other side. It’s very amazing how it appears to float through the air so smoothly. It’s even holding a nut in its mouth at the same time!

14. When someone tells a funny joke
Either the fox has one of the largest yawns we’ve ever seen, or he’s chuckling at a humorous joke. It’s difficult to say. But one thing is certain: the photograph is breathtaking.

15. “Oh.. who are you?”
This red squirrel has a new companion. “Oh, who are you?” says the narrator. It considers this as it carefully descends the stick to have a better look and say hello.

16. Happy Valentine’s Day
Julian took this photo on February 14, 2018, Valentine’s Day, and it’s the ideal representation of the celebration. The two foxes appear to be head over heels in love. The shy female fox twists her cheek coyly as the male fox leans in for the kiss.

17. “Pssst… there is someone lying in the grass taking pictures of us”
These squirrels are exchanging whispers as they plot their next move. While they are aware that someone is photographing them close, they are also hungry, posing a significant problem. Should you flee or continue eating on the thistle bush? That is the issue.

18. Superman
Julian called this photograph “Superman,” which is an excellent description. The squirrel appears to be flying through the sky. We’d probably believe you if you told us this photo was taken from a DC comic book.

19. Thirsty
This little red squirrel is quite thirsty, and it has even discovered its own squirrel-sized water fountain. What a fortunate individual! It now knows where to go whenever it needs a drink.

20. Ooh.. 😮
Julian went up behind this squirrel and shocked it while it was contentedly chewing on a nut. On the squirrel’s face is an expression of complete disbelief. It has become utterly immobile and is unsure of what to do next.

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