20 Awesome Possums And Opossums

Possums and opossums have a similar appearance, yet they are two distinct species. Possums live in Australia, whereas opossums live in the United States. These marsupials are typically hated and considered pests, which is hard to believe based on their images.

Come on, how could you possibly dislike them? These photos below will prove that possums and opossums are both adorably cute!

  1. Australian Western Pygmy Possum

2. Baby Opossums Hanging From Branch

Baby Opossums Hanging From Branch

3. Happy Possum

4. Baby Opossum

Baby Opossum
Baby Opossum

5. Pygmy Possum

6. Baby Possum

Baby Possum

7. My Little Sister Found A Baby Opossum In Our Backyard

8. Cute Possum

9. Ever Feel Really Weighed Down?

10. Petunia The Possum Rocking Her Hoodie

11. Angry Possum

Angry Possum

12. Barney Barnwell Waits With His Possum, George

13. White-Eared Baby Opossum

14. Greater Glider Possum

15. Lulu The Opossum

16. Opossum At The Bird Feeder

17. Possum Baby

18. Young Opossum On Mossy Log

19. Tell Me About It

20. Snuggly Short-tailed Opposum

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