20 Cats In Halloween Costumes That Will Make Your Day

I’m not talking about the sweets; some of the finest aspects of Halloween come in the tiniest packages! People aren’t the only ones that love donning disguises. Cats are just as enthusiastic as their human counterparts when it comes to having a good time. Cats have dressed up as anything you can think of, from Jasmine to a monkey. Whatever you put your pet in, they’ll look fantastic for every photo opportunity! Continue reading for 20 amusing kitties dressed up in Halloween costumes that will brighten your day!

1.Scuba Dive Cat

2. Darth Vader Cat

3. Monkey Cat

4. Witch Cat

5. Spider Cat

6. A Sailor Moon Cat

7. Pikachu Cat

Cats in Halloween costumes are so cute

8. Little Red Riding Hood Cat

I love a good laugh from cats in Halloween costumes!

9. Batman & The Joker Cats

10. Minion Cats

11. A Pirate Cat

12. Devil Cat

13. Bunny Cat

14. Pumpkin Cat

15. Lion Cat

16. Supercat


17. Nick Furry

Nick Furry

18. Haute Cat-ture

Haute CAT-ture

19. Captain America

Captain America

20. Lovely Octopus Cat

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