20 Cows That Just Might be Prettier Than You

Cattle aren’t usually thought of as “beautiful,” but if these cows had Instagram, they’d probably have more followers than Kim Kardashian.

  1. The cow version of a duck face.

2. So Majestic.

3. The one with a personal florist.

4. Those eyes!

5. The one who whips her hair back and forth.

6. Wild, Free and Floral.

7. Pretty…who, me?

8. The one who has lighting better than ALL my Instagram photos.

9. Fierce. Even in the Snow.

10. Eyelashes we all would die for.

11. No one else can make ears that big look that good.

12. Does this grass make me look fierce?

13. Okay another Highland, but you understand why.

14. Seriously.

15. The pasture is her runway.

16. Get it, guurrrl.

17. We just can’t take this anymore!

18. Completely rocking the camera stare down.

19. And again…

20. This list wouldn’t be complete without a #FluffyCow! I wish MY hair had that much volume….

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