20 Hilarious Examples Of Cat Beds

Cats sleep for an average of 16 hours every day, which is fine—their it’s decision. What’s even stranger is that they do it in the most unusual places imaginable. Terrariums, vases, laundry racks, trees, your bed, your dog’s mat, and the list goes on and on.

  1. Cat Was Tired And Jumped Into My Daughter Doll House And Actually Used The Bed

2. Mom, He’s In My Bed

3. Get Him A Bed They Said

4. I Think I Wasted Money On The Cat Tree

5. Spent 10 Minutes Looking For My Cat Before I Went To Bed, Found Him Asleep In A Wok On Top Of The Freezer

6. My Cat Has Been Sleeping On My Pants On The Bottom Shelf Of Our Closet Lately, So I Asked My Wife To Move The Pants And Put A Cat Bed In There. Cat’s Response

7. Five Beds And Ten Chairs In The House. He Sits On The Eggs

8. Cat Logic Is Beyond Reality

9. Bought Our Kitten (Mac) A New £40 Bed And Walked In To Find Him Asleep Like This

10. My Girlfriend Brought A Pot To Bed Because She Felt Ill. The Next Morning We Woke Up To This

11. How To Get Your Cat To Use A Pet Bed

12. Got Emmylou A Cat Bed

13. Best $300 I Ever Spent

14. Expectation vs. Reality

15. Cat Logic Is Difficult To Understand, They Said!

16. New Bed

17. There Are Three Cat Beds In The Room. No Need To Share

18. My Mom Made A Fancy Bed For Her Cat Out Of An Old Suitcase

19. Ah, A New Bed For Me

Ah, A New Bed For Me

20. Why Lie Down On The Cat Bed When You Can Use The Fruit Basket Instead?

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