25 contrasting pictures before and after the adoption of a stray cat: Love can change a life!

Cats are cute and cured, but not every cat is lucky enough to meet its owner.

Those unfortunate cats may have been abandoned by their owners only for “unscrentable crimes”, or they may have been born hungry and cold.

On the hard road to survival, they may also encounter humans who want to harm them.

Fortunately, there are many good and loving people in the community, so that these innocent little lives have the opportunity to be reborn.

Netizens shared a picture of a group of stray cats being adopted, perfectly captioning it:‘Love can really change a life!’

One or two weeks ago, I rescued this one-month-old cat from the market.

2. One day, a cat appeared on our porch. It is thin and dirty, full of ants. It is in such poor health that the agency is reluctant to take it in.

In the end, we left it, it tried to survive, and it became more and more beautiful.

3, The cat was found, trapped in a steel ring for at least 5 days.

After being rescued, it lost a leg. I brought it home, pictured right, two months after I came home.

4. This is a stray kitten I found in the parking lot three years ago.

5, This cat is 10 years old, it took us a year to make it healthy and lively.

6, Perhaps no one thought, that once let people avoid the stray cat, now so beautiful.

7, 2 years ago and now.

8, The first encounter and now.

9. In the hot summer, I found a kitten with heatstroke. At first, I didn’t intend to keep it, but after a few years, I couldn’t live without it.

10, Once thin as wood stray kittens and now have a home kitten.

11, Left, I found two baby milk cats abandoned in cardboard boxes, right, two months after taking care of them.

12, From the time I found this little orange cat to now a year and a half, it has grown into a very handsome boy!

13. When the kitten came to us, it was very poor, dehydrated, anemic, and full of snot. Now it is a handsome boy with beautiful hair!

14. Last summer, I found a sealed box on my way to ride with the abandoned poor kitten.

Now, it lives well with my dog.

15, Just picked up the kitten back, it is not as big as my palm.

16. When we found the kitten, it was hurt and the eye couldn’t see. We suspect it was abandoned and abused.

The picture on the right is taken home after a while and it’s really super cute and the eyes are super pretty.

17, You will not believe, I took it home now only a month.

18. When we brought the kitten home, it looked healthy, but we soon found out that it was infected with skin disease. It took us four months to heal it, it was lovely, it was all worth it.

19, This is our library parking lot stray cat, and now it lives with me, like to be touched.

20, We rescued this kitten just a week, it became a gentle and beautiful little cute.

21, Personal experience tells you what love can do for a stray cat.

22, This is my girlfriend found under the construction site garbage dump cat.

23, While I was working in a restaurant, I found a kitten trapped by a rat device with rat poison on its tongue.

My roommate and I rushed it to the vet, and thankfully the kitten was finally saved.

We had three dogs and didn’t have enough space to hold another animal, but we soon found a new home for it.

24, A year ago I found this abandoned cat, it was not in good condition. Now it is the spoiled little prince of our family.

25, Spring 2017, a furry but beautiful cat began to hang out on our doorstep. In this way, it naturally became our cat, we all love it.

Helping stray cats is not easy.

They are too timid to approach and believe in humans, for the pain they have suffered may be unimaginable to us.

Therefore, if we encounter stray cats who offer to show or ask for help, we can help them within our means, it is tantamount to giving them a chance to live. Don’t hurt even if you don’t help.

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