25 Derpy Dogs In Ridiculously Awkward Sleeping Positions

Nothing you do will be able to keep your tired eyelids open after a certain point. Sleep deprivation has affected all of us at some point in our lives, whether it’s due to final exam week, a new baby (or puppy), or just late night BarkBuddy sessions (Seriously, I can’t be the only one who scours the internet for adopting dogs even if I already have a full house). I’m guilty of dozing off on the couch with my laptop propped up against my chest and my dog’s butt dangerously close to my face (pink eye, anyone?). Dogs, it turns out, slumber in strange postures as well. Here are 25 of the most depraved doges sleeping in unusual positions.

  1. How we all feel on Monday mornings when that alarm goes off.
via Blazepress

2. “Thanks for that fancy $100 bed, but I prefer this bowl.”

3. Classy or nah?

4. All those wrinkles. All that derp. 


5. The best part of every day: getting home and putting your paws up.

6. Bae won’t catch you slippin’ with that face. 

7. There really needs to be a way to change the channel using mind tricks because reaching for the remote control is a real problem around here.

8. “Honey, can you turn the light off?” Sure…zzzz. 

9. When you’re at the drive-thru and they tell you the fries won’t be ready for another five minutes.

10. How is this even remotely comfortable?

11. “Are we there yet?” No. “Are we there yet?” No. “Are we there y—zzzz.”

12. So close, yet so derp.

13. DONE.

14. Being puppy-level cute must be super exhausting.

15. “Mom didn’t want to get us bunk beds so we improvised.”

16. When you just can’t with life. You just can’t. 

17. Working on his running form even in his sleep.

18. When you fall in front of your crush so you play it off like you meant to fall. But they know. They know.

19. Practicing your Legs Up The Wall yoga pose when, suddenly, narcolepsy hits.

20. Dat bref.

21. Sure, it’s cute…if you like being drooled on.

22. It’s like Jenga, with Retrievers.

23. Vertical leg lifts are good for strong abs, unless you fall asleep halfway through.

24. Sometimes it’s the only way to get some time away from the rest of the crew.

25. You don’t need mulch when you’ve got a case of the planter snoozes.

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