7 Pets You Never Knew You Could Have in Your Home

If you’re searching for a new family pet, forget about dogs and cats and think about something else. These pets are unique, yet they are typically easy to care for and get along with other people.

  1. Hedgehogs
    If you know a hedgehog, you know that keeping them as pets is a relatively recent concept. Previously, these little creatures roamed the African continent in the wild. To protect themselves from predators, they are coated with quills, just like porcupines. Hedgehogs are timid and wary creatures. They will coil into a tight, spiky ball if they feel threatened. If you ever want your hedgehogs to relax and uncurl, you’ll have to harness your inner hedgehog whisperer. They’re also helpful for insomniacs because they’re nocturnal creatures.
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2. Pigs

Pot-bellied pigs are the biggest of the little pigs available for purchase as pets. Because your pig will most likely be kept outside, you’ll need a big enclosure with insulated shelter to prevent temperature extremes. It is possible to teach indoor pigs to use a litter pan. Set aside a room where the animal can be kept alone. Because pigs spend their days foraging and rummaging for food in the wild, regular exercise is essential.

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3. Iguanas

The iguana is an excellent choice for lizard enthusiasts. They need warm temperatures and a large enough cage to grow in. Green iguanas may reach lengths of up to 6 feet. Iguanas have the drawback of requiring specific illumination in their cage, which includes both UVA and UVB lamps.

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4. Ferrets

Ferrets are tiny, hairy animals that resemble cats and dogs in appearance. Ferret care takes a significant amount of effort and dedication; they demand four hours of daily activity outside of their cage.

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5. Monkeys

Are you ready for something a little different? Consider a monkey. I used to have a cottontop tamarin as a pet when I was a kid. It was tiny, adorable, and simple to train. Make careful to do your homework before purchasing a monkey, since certain species may be rather violent.

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6. Cabybara

So, one day, you decide that your adorable little guinea pig isn’t hip enough and doesn’t garner you enough Instagram likes. So, what exactly do you do? Purchase a capybara, the world’s largest rodent, which looks quite similar to a guinea pig but is much, much larger. Capybaras are cool, but they’re also pricey and require a lot of equipment, like a swimming pool… Only if you’re a rich should you buy one; then you and your capybara may swim in your infinity pool together.

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7. Chinchillas

Despite being a nocturnal rodent, the attractive chinchilla’s cheerful demeanor is very easy to teach with rewards. Chinchillas, on the other hand, are not suitable for youngsters. “[Chinchillas] are tiny and delicate,” explains Ron Hines, a veterinarian in Texas. “They will bite if they are pressed too tightly.” Because chinchillas are prone to arthritis, keep them active and in a cage with a stable bottom.

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