8 Fun Facts About Black Cats

For a long time, black cats have had a negative rep, yet most cat enthusiasts know they’re just another great feline. Black cats are just as charming and goofy as any other cat, yet it has nothing to do with their coat color!

We’d love to share some interesting facts with you, whether you have a black cat or are just learning about these dark felines.

  1. The Egyptians used to believe that black cats brought good luck. They were revered, in fact.

2. Black cats became connected with witchcraft during the Middle Ages. This is where their bad luck symbolism originated. During the Salem witch trials in the United States, it was stressed.

3. Although black coat colors can be found in a range of mixed and purebred cats, the Bombay cat breed was created to seem like a black panther. It is the only approved cat breed that solely accepts black as a color.

4. Tommaso, a black cat, is the world’s wealthiest feline, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. He resides in Italy, and his previous owner gave him $13 million when she died. He was rescued from the streets of Rome as a stray cat. What a fortunate individual!

5. Black cats, like black canines, are among the most difficult to adopt in shelters. Nobody knows why, but black animals are far less likely to be adopted than animals of other colors.

6. Yellow eyes are almost always seen in black cats. This is related to melanism, a condition in which the body produces too much melanin, the dark pigment that turns cats black. Their eyes are also a dark yellow color because to this pigment. Albinism is the polar opposite of melanism.

7. Black cats are frequently in danger during the Halloween season. This is due to the fact that there are some extremely evil people in the world who like inflicting pain to these priceless animals in the name of superstition. Many shelters will not even adopt out black cats during the weeks leading up to Halloween. This is most likely one of our least favorite facts.

8. Black cats are no different from any other cat. They are each one-of-a-kind in their own way, and their distinct characteristics should be respected equally. If you have a black cat, you already know they’re just as great as the rest of the felines.

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