9 of the smartest animals in the world

Animal intelligence is difficult to determine because what we call “intelligence” has different forms. Types of intelligence include language comprehension, self-identification, cooperation, altruism, problem-solving, and mathematical skills. It’s easy to understand the intelligence of other primates, but many species may be smarter than we think.

Vertebrates and invertebrates generally have a high level of intelligence. Because we have difficulty testing the intelligence of non-human animals, social skills, emotional abilities, problem-solving skills, and mathematical abilities also indicate that animals are higher or lower, while vertebrates, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish, are slightly less likely to encounter high-intelligence invertebrates in cephalopods and insect communities.


The whole group of crows, including magpies, crows, crows, and so on, is the only non-primate vertebrate that can invent their own tools. Crows can identify their own species and communicate complex concepts with other crows, and many experts compare their intelligence with that of a 7-year-old human child.


Chimpanzees are close relatives of our humans in animals, so it’s no surprise that they exhibit similar intelligence to humans. Chimpanzees can use spears and other tools to show off a variety of emotions and recognize themselves in the mirror, and chimps can learn sign language to communicate with humans.


Elephant brains are the largest of the terrestrial animals, and their cerebral cortex neurons have as many neurons as the human brain. Elephants have extraordinary memory, work together, and show self-awareness, and like primates and birds, they play with each other.


Like humans and chimpanzees, gorillas are primates, and a gorilla named cocoa is known for learning sign language and caring for pet cats, which can form primitive sentences to communicate with humans and understand the use of symbols to represent objects and more complex concepts.


Dolphins and whales are at least as intelligent as birds and primates, and like primates, dolphins and whales are mammals. Dolphins have larger brains than other fish. the cortex of the human brain is highly complex, while the brains of dolphins have more folds, and dolphins and their relatives are the only marine animals that have passed the self-awareness test.


Pigs can understand and express emotions, understand symbolic language, and they master the concept of conditional reflexes at a younger age than humans. Six-week-old piglets look at food in the mirror and can find out where it is. In contrast, it takes months for human babies to understand the truth of specular reflection, and pigs can understand the meaning of abstract expressions and can use this skill to manipulate game consoles to play video games.


Although we are most familiar with the intelligence of other vertebrates, some invertebrates are also very clever, octopuses are the only invertebrates that can use tools, and it is well known that an octopus named otto throws stones and sprays water on the aquarium’s bright headlights to short-circuit them.


Puppy is man’s best friend, and they use their wisdom to establish a close connection with human beings. Dogs can understand emotions, show empathy, and understand symbolic language. On average, a dog can understand about 165 human words, but the dog’s intelligence goes far beyond that. A puppy named Chaser can understand 1022 words, but unfortunately, the dog has passed away.


The researchers gave the raccoon a jar of marshmallows and some cobblestone water, and in order to get it, the raccoon had to raise the water level. Half of them have figured out how to use pebbles to get food, the other has only found a way to knock over a water cup, and raccoons are known for their good at prying locks and can remember solutions to some of the tricky problems of three years.

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