Adorable Mini Olympic Games For Sporty Squirrels

What if squirrels had their own version of the Olympics? Geert Weggen, a Swedish photographer, photographed ten sporty rats practicing for the year’s greatest event, utilizing tiny accessories for added realism.

The Winter Olympics are causing a stir! In strange photos, wild squirrels have been seen skiing, riding a snowmobile, and receiving awards.

These incredible photos appear to show a group of red squirrels ‘preparing’ for February’s Winter Olympics.

Mini skis, a snowboard, and even a tiny winner’s podium can be seen in the photos of the wild squirrels, set up by photographer Geert Weggen. He captured the funny snaps after setting up the props outside his forest-based home in Sweden.

The 48-year-old from Bispgarden works out of a small outside studio with an open roof linked to a window in his home.

Weggen began shooting wild red squirrels in his garden five years ago, and many of his photographs feature the animals posing with small homemade props – he believes the attraction of nuts draws the squirrels into unintentionally humorous positions.

‘These photographs were taken during the previous four months,’ he adds. We got snow in October in the center of Sweden, so I was able to take some winter sports photographs.’ The idea of winter squirrel activities is amusing but challenging. There isn’t much light, and they only come to my garden for a brief time throughout the day, even though they come every day. Many scenes have therefore taken me many days to complete.’

Photographer Geert Weggen took amusing images of red squirrels practicing for the Squirrel Winter Olympics, with one squirrel, in particular, appearing to be riding a snowmobile.

In the photographs taken by Weggen, who began photographing red squirrels outside his home five years ago, the squirrels appear to be delightfully focused and determined.

Although this red squirrel’s technique doesn’t seem to be the best, he looks ready to hit the Winter Olympic ski slopes

Weggen, 48, attracts squirrels with nuts and then captures them in funny positions with props like the Winter Olympic banner above.

Weggen claimed that he used nuts to help attract the squirrels into the poses, but this particular competitor looks determined to get an Olympic medal

Second best: The squirrel on the right is devastated as he watches another squirrel eat the nuts he didn’t win

Taking pictures for the paparazzi! : As he tosses his head back to take in an imaginary applauding audience, this squirrel seemed to have taken the Winter Olympics in stride.

Weggen said that he used nuts to get the squirrels into the postures, but this challenger seemed to be hell-bent on winning Olympic gold.

Almost: This squirrel also seems confused by the props laid out for him, though he seems to be enjoying playing with the big wooden skis

Still not quite right: This squirrel tries to utilize the skis properly, but he appears to be more of a theatrical actress than a professional athlete.

Kissing the trophy: The squirrel looks like a footballer as stands on top of a special mini-podium celebrating his victory by kissing an acorn

Weggen, a photographer from Bispgarden, has become adept at collecting squirrels. He utilizes a small outdoor studio with an open roof that is linked to a window of his forest-side home.

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