Adorable Snake Pictures to Help You Overcome Your Fear

Snakes are perhaps the last thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “cute.” We can’t look past their slick skin and deadly fangs to see their genuine beauty because there’s something so cunning about them.

However, we’re here to show you that these frightful creatures can also be lovely and adorable! We’ve gathered some of the loveliest images, ranging from small baby snakes to grown-up serpents sporting odd headwear, in the hopes that this list may help you overcome your ophidiophobia, or fear of snakes. Though selecting the most adorable snakes from over 3.000 recognized species was difficult, we believe we achieved in our aim.

Keep in mind that snakes can be quite hazardous, so no matter how charming they appear, you should never attempt to handle one in the wild! Even if only 600 of the 3.000 are poisonous, touching one could be the first and final time you touch one in your life. Snakes should be admired from a safe distance. Putting the cautions aside, scroll down to see the adorable snakes!

  1. Happy Snek & Happy Human

2. Baby Asian Vine Snake!!

3. Leliana Is Here To Spread Peace And Love

4. Young Ground Snake In My Wedding Ring

5. Cute Snake

6. I See Your Snake In A Sweater And Raise You A Snake In A Top Hat

7. Found This Cute Little Noodle Today

8. Baby Snek

9. Cute Snake

10. Cute Snake In A Winter Hat

11. Snek Is Preparing For A Happy

12. Here You Go Hooman

13. Snake With Flowers

14. The Green Vine Snake (Ahaetulla Nasuta)

15. Snake With A Unicorn Hat

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