Animal’s Reaction When Seeing The Camera

Take a look at the expressions of the animals when seeing the camera for the first time!

1, This little primate, tired of being the subject of wildlife photographers all over the world, was eager to try his hand at being the photographer for a change. He appears to be happy with his job based on his expression.

Sure, he’s a perfectionist at heart, but we believe he captured the ideal image somewhere on that roll of film. He’ll be the top creative director in the jungle before you realize it.


2. This snapshot of a group of photographers fleeing shows just how far some people would go to get the perfect shot. And it’s amazing how far certain creatures will go to avoid being photographed.

While it’s unclear how much danger this group was in, we’re guessing they don’t regret their collective choice to flee the charging bear as quickly as possible.


3. Is this cute polar bear trying to avoid the camera? Is she under the assumption that there’s a camera in that ship’s porthole, and she’s merely posing for the perfect selfie? We always knew polar bears were inquisitive creatures, but this image takes the cake!

This image’s photographer should be extremely proud of his or her work. Even in the Arctic, a photo like this doesn’t come along every day.

Arterra/UIG via Getty Images

4. This image is a true classic. Kangaroos are notorious for being irrational, so anyone who messes with one should be aware that they’re taking a tremendous risk.

After a heavy blow from the charming but hazardous marsupial, the photographer shown here was taught a valuable lesson… his camera was sent flying into the air. The photographer and the person who snapped this snapshot of the animal have caught a very great sight.

a kangaroo punches a person with a camera

5. The Heilongjiang Siberian Tiger Park in Heilongjiang, China, provided the backdrop for this photograph. That cute youngster is a newborn Siberian tiger, one of the world’s most endangered animals. Perhaps this is why he refuses to smile for the cameras or pose with this youngster.

The zoo boasts that out of the hundred or so cubs produced each year, 80 percent of them survive. That’s fantastic news!

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

6. Alternatively, whatever the antonym of “hooray” is. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of a hippo’s foul temper, believe us. This specific image appears to be of a mother hipp being bitten by her calf. What a jerk.

As a result, it’s reasonable that she doesn’t feel camera-ready. She does, after all, have a mouthful of food. Who in their right mind would want a snapshot of themselves right now?


7. Take a look at this tiny ape and tell me you wouldn’t let it try to grasp your camera. Come on, people! He’s just too adorable. He may be the same size as this huge camera, but his confidence appears to be pushing him to new heights.

We’re sure he was sick of having his picture taken all the time and wanted to try his hand at it for a change. Little boy, follow your aspirations!

baby monkey with camera

8. This shot was taken in Qingdao, China, by a wildlife photographer who was surrounded by ring-tailed lemurs! These creatures are highly sociable and live in groups of up to 30 people.

They’re exclusive to Madagascar, but their habitats are vanishing, therefore they’re now designated as an endangered species. Hopefully, images like this one will help to raise awareness about these amazing creatures. They can be found in five of Madagascar’s major national parks, from the forests to the mountains!

Costfoto/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

9. This underwater photographer swam to the bottom of the Caribbean to shoot some wildlife. When he attempted to photograph a Caribbean reef squid, however, the squid had other plans!

The squid approached him and collided with his underwater camera– not quite the image he was after! These squids, on the other hand, are really amazing looking and may be found as deep as 150 meters. We’re hoping he got a decent shot!

Wild Horizons/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

10. Alpine marmots have a lot of character! Look at that professionalism! It appears like this person has worked in front of a camera previously. He’s been waiting for a wildlife photographer to come over and help him set up his tripod and equipment. He’s all set to leave now.

This marmot appears to be directing the human to run about in the hills so he may be the focus of the photograph!

Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

11. Elephants have the ability to move rapidly when they want to. Despite their size and appearance, they are capable of running at a high rate when necessary. To be precise, 15.5 miles per hour, albeit this is only for short distances.

This elephant is scurrying away from the photographer who is attempting to catch his shot with his camera. Even if it’s a little grainy, it’s still a fantastic image.


12. These really adorable chipmunks also happen to be fantastic photographers. They’re such skilled photographers that they don’t even require the assistance of a human to capture their images. As you can see, the one on the right can operate the camera’s various settings, whilst the one on the left models various positions.

We can only hope that these artists create a book or a calendar of their work. We’d be among the first in line to purchase an autographed copy.


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