Can cats stay in cages for long?

Many people keep pet cats because they are very quiet and don’t need to go out every day like dogs. but cats and dogs have a very good interaction, because sometimes the cat owner conditions, cats can only be kept in cages for a long time, so can not?

Cats can’t be kept in cages for three reasons:

1. Cats are kept in cages and will not be close to people.

2. Cats that have been kept in cages for a long time will become timid and sluggish.

3, Cats in the cage can not exercise to cause physical harm.

Make sure you have enough conditions to feed your cat, make sure it grows healthy and happy, and don’t keep your cat in a cage to do harm to your cat.

Cats cannot be kept in cages for three reasons

First, if the cat in a cage lost the nature of the cat, it can not exercise caused by the character of irritability, issued a variety of irritable voices to express the inner mood.

Second, cats that have been kept in cages for a long time will have very little guts, because they will become dull and unobjective because they have no access to people and objects from outside.

Third, the healthy growth of animals can not be separated from its long-term movement, the cat in the cage can not exercise, will naturally have some harm to his healthy growth.

Cats are lively and active in nature, if the cat is in a cage to keep completely erased its nature, so remember if you want to keep cats do not be in the cage.

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