Can’t tell the point between a bear and a white teddy? In fact, just look at these points, easy to judge the variety

Some dogs are very similar in appearance, such as bears and white teddies, often make people silly and confused, do not know how to distinguish. In fact, although the two animals look similar in appearance, there are many details or there are a lot of differences. Next, teach you a few ways to easily help you determine the breed of dog in front of you, not disturbed by the shape of the blind eye.

First, we can judge by the dog’s mouth shape. Most teddy dogs have sharp, sharp mouths that look particularly noticeable from the side. The position of the bear’s mouth is shorter and smaller, and the silhouette is more lovely to look at on the side. So we can look at the side contours, the mouth is longer than the teddy dog, and the shorter mouth is than the bear dog, which is also a good way to judge. But the premise requires a reference, if there is no correct reference as a comparison, then the definition of length is difficult to be divided.

The second point is to judge by the size, usually much larger than the bear’s bone mass than Teddy, so we can judge by the size of the dog. Generally speaking, Teddy’s weight is about ten pounds, it belongs to a common kind of small dog. This is much heavier than a bear, about twice that of a teddy, and can reach 20-30 pounds, so it is also known by some as a medium-sized dog.

In addition, we can judge by the texture of the hair. Although both are curly hairs, the touch feel is different. Teddy’s hair feels rough, the feel is not very good, and even some hands. But the bear’s hair is particularly soft, with a press of the hand will have a rebound feeling, like marshmallows, which is a more significant difference between the two, can help us to determine its species. Today for you to introduce these three points are very easy to operate, I believe can help you easily judge the dog in front of you in the end Teddy, or then the bear, feel useful to quickly collect it!

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