Cat-sitter, a job that has the wind in its sails

«I keep your mates at home with all my attention and full of caresses”, says this announcement from Patricia, one of the many cat-sitters on the Holidog site dedicated to the care of animals. Offers like this, there are hundreds, if not thousands if we bring together the sites and many Facebook pages created to connect these affectionate guardians and the owners of hairballs.

What is a cat-sitter? If the term dog-sitter is more familiar, often associated with the image of those people who willingly walk several dogs at the same time in the absence of the owners, you can also seek the services of a cat guard. The job makes you smile, but the profession is trendy! Most often out of love for animals, enthusiasts have passed the course to combine profession and affection.

This is the case of Emmanuelle, a former veterinary assistant who set up her self-employed dog and cat care business near Tarbes. The story is classic, “I’ve always had difficulty keeping my own pet,” she says. It is while doing her research that Emmanuelle has noticed the number of requests from owners and the difficulty in finding trusted people, mastering the specific needs according to the animals. “Cats, for example, are very attached to their territories which involves several home visits a day,” she explains. With the departures on vacation, Emmanuelle is full since June 1st, with several animals to visit per day.

For those who wish to embark on cat-sitting, note however that the activity in a professional capacity is regulated. Indeed, since 2014, the Certificate of Knowledge for Pets of Domestic Species(ACACED) is necessary” for people wishing to carry out an activity related to domestic animals and having the responsibility of their maintenance or care”. For future cat-sitters, this proof of knowledge is obtained with a 14-hour training, which allows you to get acquainted with the legal part, food, or first aid care.

“Borrow my matou”

With the multiplication of platforms in the pet care market, the activity attracts more and more individuals. “It’s the only solution I’ve found to have an animal near me,” says Elodie, 19, whose pet stayed with her parents. This student-based in Aix-en-Provence made her first cat guard at the very beginning of her studies by offering her services on several animal care platforms. If Élodie’s primary motivation is the desire to enjoy the company of animals, this activity also allows her to earn a little pocket money, at a rate of 200 to 300 € this summer.

«You will be paid to do what you love the most, cuddle cats of course!” thus offers the site of Cat in a Flat whose group present in 8 countries has just launched on the French market. With 20% of households in France owning a cat, the site only reserved for lovers of felines confirms an increase in the search for“cat-sitting”(applicants) and cat-sitters (guardians). Other platforms have sensed the trend. Like the French site“Emprunte mon toutou” which allows people to keep their dogs and enthusiasts, to enjoy the company” of the doggie” of others. The founder of the site, which has 310,000 registrants, explains that he receives daily requests from people who want to see the concept extended to cats, so it is not impossible to see a site“Borrow my matou” soon!

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