Cats are becoming more and more “trusting of you” performance, shoveling officer know?

Every time I swipe someone else’s cat’s little video on the internet, presumably a lot of officers will be sour: oh, or someone else’s cat is good, really good ah. ”

Look at their own always rushed to their own “teeth and mouth” of the cat, can not hate to hit it a few slaps.

However, angry to angry, the cat is still good in their own home, but the cat is not perfect.

Cats are “slow and hot” pets and don’t express all their emotions in body language, as dogs do.

If your cat trusts you and likes you, there will be some obvious signs in the process of getting along with you on weekdays.

First: more and more “sticky people”

The first thing cats like to do with officers is sticky people.

Cat sticky person’s performance, is often: accompanied by behavior, follow behavior, habits accompany in the shovel officer side.

In the course of my cat breeding, as long as I am at home, a few cats at home will be close to me, not far from my side.

It’s getting colder and colder now, and every morning I wake up with a few cats lying on the bed or sleeping on me.

If you watch the play, the cat will lie on my lap.

If you work in front of a computer, the cat will lie on the computer table again.

Cats stick to people ah, hate all the time are tired of crooked around you, to prevent you from “dropping it regardless.”

Second: no matter how the cat is, they are not angry

To compare the cat’s new arrival at your home with the cat’s current state, and you’ll see that the cat’s character, endurance, and so on have changed.

When the cat first came to your house, it was afraid of a strange environment, and you are not familiar with, so do not trust you.

Every time you want to slug a cat, the cat will show more resistance, and sometimes will grin at you.

Over time, you become more and more trusted in your cat’s subconscious, and you give the cat enough companionship and security.

So the cat’s heart thought, “this is the owner, he won’t hurt me, so I trust him.”

From this stage on, the cat really becomes your pet cat.

No matter how you slug cats, no matter how you interact with cats, they can show restraint.

Even if angry, will not catch you bite you, just silently away from you a little.

Most of the time, it’s the cat that comes to you.

Third: when the cat sleeps, the ugly

How do we tell if a cat feels safe?

It can also be seen through the cat’s sleeping posture.

For example:

Insecure cats hide in corners or boxes when they sleep and often curl up in their sleep, not in front of the poop officer.

On the other hand, when cats trust you and like you, they sleep in a position of “no trim”.

Four feet up in the sky, lying on the floor, stomach exposed to you, and so on.

In short, when the cat is full of security in the living environment, the cat’s mood and mind are completely relaxed.

In moments of relaxation, cats are willing to be who they really are.

Whether it’s mischievous, funny, sticky or grumpy, they’re willing to show it.

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