Cats like to sleep with their owners, after reading the heart warm

The pet owner of cats, when he goes to bed every night, must be too tired of cats, because cats always go to bed. Why do cats like to sleep with their owners?

After reading the following reasons why the cat and its owner sleep, warm heart, you do not rush it away.

cats like to sleep with their owners, after reading the heart warm

1, Curious about how the master sleeps

The cat’s curiosity is so strong that it wants to know how its owner, the two-legged beast, sleeps. So in order to observe the master, want to sleep with the master.

I believe that many officers have tried to open their eyes, see the cat with that has terrible big face and big eyes, but the cat is also because of love you will observe you.

cats like to sleep with their owners, after reading the heart warm

2, Think of you as a parent

Cats live with their owners from the moment they remember. Cats are big by you, and the people you see the most are you, so cats will treat you as your own family and rely on you very much.

The cat’s favorite thing to do is to curl up next to its parents, which will give them a sense of security, so the cat likes to sleep with its owner is to treat you as a parent. After reading this reason, do you think the cat is the very warm heart?


3, Want to guard the master

In the cat’s eyes, the owner sleeps without any defense, sleep is too heavy, will be very dangerous. so cats like to sleep with you, they want to protect you.

Of course, the cat chooses to sleep next to you and also feels that you can protect it and give it a sense of security.

cats like to sleep with their owners, after reading the heart warm

4, Want to pet you

Cats like to sleep with their owners, in fact, a case of pooping officials. Cats will have trust and trust in the poop officer after they become familiar with the poop officer. Then the cat will not let go of any chance of petting, even sleep with the owner.

If I were you, I wouldn’t be afraid to rush the cat out of bed.

Usually, the owner and the cat interaction, doing more games, is also a good opportunity to enhance feelings. With some snacks, cats will be happier.


5, Attachment to your taste

Another important reason cats like to sleep with you is attachment to your taste, cats sleep around you, can smell your taste to sleep, will make it feel very comfortable, very safe.

When the cat is alone at home, it will also sleep on the sofa, bed, clothing, and other places with the taste of the owner, which will make the cat feel the owner are around.

If the cat is going to bed with you, the pet mainly does a good job of cleaning and disinfection work, regularly to the cat insect repellent. Cats will lose hair, the pet owners will inevitably get cat hair, in order to reduce the amount of cat hair, pet owners every day help cats comb hair, diet attention light, do not give cats eat too salty, the best cat to choose a cat food containing fish oil ingredients as the main food, can be hairy.

How to give the cat to choose a beautiful hair cat food, here will not be a detailed description, interested in the poop officer can look at the blue letter article: “Beautiful cat food how to choose?” Looking at these aspects is enough


Conclusion: Would you allow a cat to go to bed?

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