Cow cat broke into the cattle farm

In a cattle ranch in Hokkaido, Japan, there are many dairy cattle, they live in a wide, comfortable environment, I do not know when the cattle farm has appeared a few stray cats.

At first, they just came over to get some food, then when it was cold, they lived with the cows in the barn.

Dairy cattle are gentle, stray cats also did not affect the life of dairy cattle, breeders see them live in peace, consider stray cats winter is not good, they did not drive them.

That day, while the keeper was cleaning up the cowshed, he found a cat barking nearby, and it was standing outside the barn and looking at the barn as if looking for something.

After a while, when the keeper drove the cow back to the cowshed, the cat became more excited, and it called the cow. When a cow heard the cat’s cry, it walked towards it and made a sound to the cows, looking at their interaction, and the keeper was puzzled.

By the next day, there was an extra calf in the barn, which was surrounded by cows, and the two licked each other’s faces as if they were kissing.

The keeper was curious about the calf and came closer to see it like a cat, because its markings were black and white, and it was easy to admit mistakes without looking closely. But it’s not just the keeper who admits it, it’s clear that the cow’s mother is wrong, it thinks the cow cat is her own child, very loving, like, has been around it.

And this cow cat is active in grinding dairy cattle, such as completely do not consider the size of the cow, think that this is their mother. Keepers know it may be a mistake before those stray cats and cows live for so long, have not seen them so close, and this new cow cat received this treatment, certainly, the relationship is not pure.

He just remembered that yesterday the cat outside the cowshed should be this cow cat, when it should have seen the cow and its body looks the same, so broke in to recognize the mother.

Then the cow and the cow cat are inseparable, the cow while eating grass while licking the cat, sometimes chasing each other, their intimate behavior is too warm, at first glance as if it is a family.

Many netizens are very funny about their misidentification relationship, “long a tiger spotted cat, may have to shift the purpose, should go to recognize the tiger as a mother.”

Although the wrong relationship between dairy cows and milk cats home is very long, it is undeniable that from their bodies did see the care of the mother of dairy cows, cow cats want to be cared for by their mother’s desire, this long-term stray cats, perhaps the first time to enjoy the mother’s love.

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