Did you know that the wound was bitten by a cat? More dangerous than being bitten by a dog.

Cat or dog It is a popular pet that many people raise to solve loneliness, along with these two animals that are ingenious, cute, and playful, but did you know that playing with a furry animal also has something to look out for because you can’t know when it’s going to bite or scratch us?

According to the data, cat fangs are longer than dog fangs and contain a lot of bacteria, and if they bite us, they can cause bacteria deep in the bones and joints.

Observe bacterial infections?

If bitten by a cat, most of the areas that are bitten have fang holes around them, there will be pain, swelling, redness, pus flowing out of the fang holes. If infected by a severe strain of bacteria called “carnivorous bacteria,” the bacteria releases substances that cause embolism, causing severe wound pain. High fever, fatigue, and black flesh rapidly spread in the wound. Black dead meat is a source of the rapid growth of bacteria that can spread to the bloodstream. It can be fatal. If you have any such symptoms, you need to go to the hospital. The doctor will provide hospitalization. Doctors will surgically remove the black dead flesh from the wound and inject antibiotics into the veins.

How to care

To treat cat bites, rinse the wound with soap or disinfectant. If there is pus, pierce the pus. If it’s a tear because the cat is crumpled, it’s an open wound, it shouldn’t be stitched up. Release open wounds and wash wounds. Prevents infection from spreading in the deep tissues under the skin. Do not forget to vaccinate against tetanus. If the pet has never been vaccinated People who have been bitten must urgently vaccinate against rabies. Antibiotics that should be disinfected cover the bacteria that cause infection, amoxicillin/ clavulanic acid, which the doctor prescribes orally for 7-10 days.

But it’s best to play with the furry animal to keep in mind that it can always bite or scratch us. Therefore, be careful at all times.

Source: Institute of Dermatology Department of Medicine Ministry of Public Health

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