Dog ears cut how to stop the bleeding

Dog ears accidentally cut, pet owners to check the situation and size of the wound, if only a slight owner can handle it at home, if the wound is relatively large need to use gauze to stop bleeding and timely send the dog to the hospital to deal with, the following to share some about the dog injury treatment methods, the owner can properly refer to:

1, Clean the wound

The blood vessels on the dog’s ears are relatively rich, when the injury will bleed, when found that the dog’s ears are cut, pet owners should as soon as possible calm the dog’s mood and use cotton to hold down the wound to stop the bleeding, the dog’s blood stopped, you can use cotton swabs to take physiological saline to clean the wound if the hair on the dog’s ears is longer can be properly trimmed, carefully operate to avoid cutting it again, clean the wound can be used to use cotton swabs to remove iodine volts to prevent wound infection.

2, Bandage the wound

After cleaning the wound on the dog’s ear, pet owners can sprinkle the anti-inflammatory powder on the wound, to completely cover the main, and use sterile gauze for a bandage, in order to avoid the dog scratching the wound, need to wear an Elizabethan collar for the dog, do not bathe the dog during the injury, keep the ear wound and surrounding skin clean and dry, to avoid the wound touching water caused infection, causing the infection will increase the difficulty of healing.

3, Supplement nutrition

Pet owners can pay more attention to observe the recovery of dog wounds, regular cleaning, and disinfection of wounds, prevention of infection, but also appropriate to the injured dogs to supplement nutrition, feeding some help to converge the wound of nutritious food, such as boiled chicken, nutrition paste, canned, fish soup, etc., to avoid feeding spicy and stimulating food, diet is gentle and light, the dog’s nutrition strengthened, will also help speed up the healing of the wound

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