Ducks grow up with dogs and think of themselves as dogs

In the animal world, there are many animals that are also rich in emotion. Some dogs are very loyal and honest, they do not rely on their own ability to bully other small animals, but with other animals to make friends, ducks grow up with dogs.

I thought of myself as a dog, and the scene was so funny! You know, a lot of dogs and dogs in the same kind of fights will also appear. There are a few dogs across the big iron door who began to bark, both sides of the momentum are not reduced, who do not accept who. Saw such a fierce struggle.

Not only let people’s brains fill out the content of the quarrel, you what, but you also drop. And the dog below is different. the ducks of the owner’s house grew up with the dogs. The duck seems to have a strong dependence on dogs, so he keeps running around with them.

The dog has four legs to run fast, and this duck in order to catch up with the dog, the foot on the whole grinding out the tweezers came, even if this is not to give up, the owner is very distressed, for this also made a pair of cloth shoes for it, and since then the duck ran faster, and the dog together that called a happy.

People have to suspect that this duck is cast the wrong, I really did not expect the dog this animal in the animal world so mixed up! After watching it, we feel why dogs can play with other animals.

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