Everyone likes the teddy dog, in feeding should pay attention to these points, so that the dog healthy growth

Pet dogs are a very popular animal, their cute, budding appearance and loyal good character, so that whether young children or elderly people, very much like. Among them, a teddy dog is a kind of dog with a small size and more extroverted character. They have a high IQ and are highly sought after by many people. Teddy dogs are so popular with the public, what food do they eat? Which food is better for this small dog? Today, let’s take a look.

First, there are a lot of food dogs can not eat, if unfortunate eating, the body will appear a variety of problems. In feeding the teddy dog, first to master the specific age and size of the teddy dog, for the pups, to feed some easier to digest food, preferably more high-quality dog food, because then, nutrition can be maximized. Because dogs need a lot of nutrition to grow their bodies, this will be of great help to their healthy development. Teddy dogs can feed some of their professional dog milk powder before weaning, or some imported milk powder, but remember not to feed people with the milk powder, the two can not be confused.

Second, dogs and humans, usually like to eat some greasy food, for humans eat fried chicken barbecue and so on, dogs very much like. But as the master, it is important to remember that these foods cannot be given to them. Too much oiliness can do great harm to their digestive system. Relatively speaking, the dog’s digestive system is much weaker. If dogs are very keen on fishy, you can properly add some egg yolks to the diet, egg yolks are rich in high-quality protein and vitamin A, as well as a lot of minerals, proper addition to helping their hair growth, the healthy development of dogs is of great help. Egg yolks are delicious, dogs like it very much, compared with meat, in the digestive system to the dog to do much less harm. However, no matter what food is in moderation, overnutrition can only lead to obesity.

Third, Teddy’s dog as a small dog, physically weak, in the nutritional mix must be healthy and reasonable. In puppies, they can give high calcium content of food or calcium products to promote their bone and tooth development. I choose meat, it is best to choose lean meat, fat meat because the fat is too high, bad for the body. Some dogs like to eat sweets, sweets for humans, is a daily pastime, but dogs can not eat sweets, as we all know, chocolate for dogs is the most deadly, even if we usually eat leeks and onions, dogs are also a million can not touch, otherwise will cause hemolytic anemia, and eventually lead to death.

Four, dogs are born to like to chew bones, but as owners should also pay attention to, there are many types of bones that are not able to give them. The bone block is too big, not easy to bite, the bone block is too small, there will be a lot of sharp thorns, eat into the stomach will scratch the esophagus.

These points need to be noted during feeding. So what’s the best thing for a teddy dog to eat? In fact, as mentioned above, is professional dog food. Owners in feeding dry dog food, pay attention to dry dog food as if human compressed biscuits, very dry, in feeding should pay attention to the appropriate amount, otherwise, dogs eat dog food and then go to drink water, will cause bloating, affect the digestive system, resulting in loss of appetite. Therefore, the choice of dog food, must correspond to the dog’s own age and development, in order to maximize the promotion of their baby’s healthy growth.

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