For the doll cat, these things, like punishment!

In the breeding of doll cats, I believe that many pet owners have to interact with it, but in the interaction, the owner must not do the following things, because for doll cats, these things, like punishment!

1, Force it to take a bath

When raising a doll cat, the owner should never force it to bathe, because bathing for the doll cat, as if torture, so the owner should slowly help it overcome fear.

Instead of forcing it to overcome, you can start training from the shower room, so that the doll cat will slowly be less afraid to bathe!

2, Tie it up

The owner can not because of fun, feel that the doll cat is very annoying to tie it up, because such behavior, in the eyes of the doll cat is also like a penalty, so the owner should pay attention.

Long-term this will let the doll cat hate you, will bite you!

3, Help it cut its nails

Every cat is afraid to cut its nails, so when its owner wants to help it cut its nails, then the doll cat will struggle in particular, but also bite the owner.

Because it’s terrible for a puppet cat to cut its nails, like a penalty!

4, Do not give it food to eat

Puppet cat is very fond of eating, if the owner in its food, deliberately take its food away, then the doll cat will be very angry, but also blame the owner.

Because there is no food to eat, for it is as painful as punishment!

5. Shave its hair

For a doll cat, its hair is its life, without hair will be particularly depressed, so if the owner suddenly shaved its hair, then it is like a penalty.

So keep doll cat do not do these things, otherwise, it will hate you, offended doll cat owner can cooperate with cat snacks together, reward it!

Conclusion: Are you doing all these things?

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