Funny Pictures That Prove Cats Are Way More Useful

Cats have a primary directive: to be as close to, adjacent to, or on top of you as possible. This can lead to you wearing your cat as a fashion item or simply giving up the struggle to get them to respect your personal space by balancing stuff on them like a tray table on a trip to Vegas. There are two positive aspects to this scenario, in our opinion. One, you’ll have more snuggle time with your pal, and two, consider how much money you’ll save if you hire kitty to do the following instead of browsing the Sky Mall catalogue on that Vegas flight?

Remember that forcing your cat to hold your iPad isn’t a good idea. The decision to be a cuddly scarf or hat is entirely up to the cat; we never want to force our companions to do something they don’t want to do.

  1. Beat the winter blues with a scarf that doubles as your best friend!

2. Fedoras are sooo last season. Rock this winter with a feline.

3. Worried that a hard, impersonal surface will hurt your bowl? Try the lap-cat tray table.

4. Watch streaming movies in bed long after you said you were going to sleep while simultaneously keeping your stomach warm using the iFeline phone stand.

5. Brighten up your table this holiday season with a delightful cat-erpiece.

6. Sleep like a baby with the soft, ergonomic kitty pillow. 

7. Eliminate cold finger tips with this keyboard warmer.

8. Never lose your remote control again with this plush holder. 

9. Avoid neck and arm strain with a furry tablet docking station.

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