Hugging your dog is good for your health

If with only his presence, the dog makes us happy, now imagine how it benefits our organism if we embrace it and create that bond of love and friendship with our four-legged friend.

Recent studies have shown that this communion with our pet, especially the dog, provides owners with benefits that improve overall health and well-being, including relieving stress and anxiety.

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That is why embracing it goes beyond a mere feeling, as the experts of the Houston Methodist Hospital assure that this action has an important calming and psychological effect on the human being.

In fact, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) mentions that this ancient link has a positive impact on physical and mental health. Among them, it reduces stress, stimulates mood, relieves loneliness, etc.

But in addition, it strengthens our immune system since it is reinforced by being in contact with microbial agents such as those that have this animal. Not to mention these other reasons:

1. Reduces blood pressure. In many studies, it was found that people managed to lower their blood pressure by hugging their dog or even just imagining that they were hugging him.

2. Reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Research has shown better survival rates after heart attacks in dog owners, compared to those who are not. Simply hugging them can save your life.

3. In addition, by embracing them our heart and arterial rate are reduced, decreasing the risk of myocardial infarction or stroke.

4. They are also of great help in emotional care since for many people it is very difficult to express their feelings to other people, but with dogs, it is not necessary to talk, you just need to feel their company.

5. The dog also allows us to increase physical activity when we take him for a walk or play with them, which in turn helps us avoid suffering from obesity.

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