If you have a cat at home, will the cat get bored?

Although cats are more independent than dogs, they are more likely to be in the Family. But domestic cats, over time it will also feel lonely. Keeping a cat on its own for a long time can also be anxious and cause a series of problems.

These signs suggest that your cat is boring!

1. Too much repetitive sex

Cats bored, there will be excessive licking of hair, claws, unprovoked howling, and other repetitive behavior, if your cat repeated behavior for a long time, you have to be careful.

2. Overeating

Overeating is also a big manifestation of cat boredom.

3. Inactive

Cats lie down all day, not very active, indicating that cats have lost the original desire to hunt, lost the interest in exploration.

4. Destructive behavior

The cat’s destructive behavior can also reflect its boredom, biting wires, climbing windows, and running.

How to relieve cat boredom?

1. Buy some toys properly so that the cat plays alone.

2. Interact with the cat for at least 10 minutes a day, whether it’s a stick or a laser pointer, and play with the cat for a while to make the cat physically and mentally happy and reduce vandalism.

3. Try to keep the cat in a room with glass windows so that the cat can see the outside world and soak up the sun.

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