If You’re Ever Down In The Dumps, These 20 Highland Cattle Calves Will Brighten Your Day.

A kitten, a fox, or even a panda come to mind when we think of fluffy beautiful creatures. There is, however, a breed of fluffy cows whose babies are just as gorgeous and heart-warming as the above-mentioned charming critters.

Highland cattle are the loveliest cows you’ve ever seen. The luscious coats of this Scottish long-haired cow breed set it apart from the rest. An oily outer layer and a downy undercoat make up the delicate double fur, which is the longest of any cattle breed. This trait makes Highland cows well-suited to the severe climate of Scottland, where heavy rains and high winds are common. It also implies that Scottish Highland baby cows are the sweetest little moos on the face of the planet. We’ve put together a list of these tempting fluffy calves that will make you want to cow-ddle. Scroll down to see the photos and cast your vote for your favorites!

  1. But Mooooom
But Mooooom

2. Chilling In The Morning Sun

3. Adorable Friends

4. Adorable Highland Calf

5. Funny Little Calf

6. Cutest Kisses

7. Big Fluff And Her Mini Fluff

8. Tiny Adorable Baby

9. Mom And Calf

10. Orange Clouds Of Fluff

11. Cute Moment

12. Mom And Calf

13. Cuddled Up In Hay

14. Baby Calf

15. Mom Cow And Her Calf

16. Fluffy And Cute

17. Sleepy Highland Calf

18. Fluffy Grey Cloud

19. Highland Calf

20. Cheeky Calf

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