It’s fun to have a hairless cat

Hairless cat, also known as Canadian hairless cat, full name sphinx cat.

As far as the current reality is concerned, the public’s attitude towards hairless cats is extreme, as people like very much, don’t like people, even look afraid to see hairless cats, all because of the appearance of hairless cats caused.

Hairless cat, as the name implies, this cat has almost no hair, like hairless cat people, feel this cat meat snoring, tender and lovely, and looks quite cool. people who don’t like hairless cats, feel that this cat-like hairless mouse, simply can’t bear to look straight, look at do not want to look!

Therefore, hairless cats are classified as special cat species, because hairless cats are not only special in shape, its character, and feeding methods are also different from other cats

Because of its special nature, there are some “interesting” things that occur during the breeding of hairless cats, which are not available to other cats, such as hairless cats that need to “bath mud” and may also need to “squeeze blackheads”.

Although the hairless cat is called a “hairless cat”, but does not mean that it has no hair, in fact, the hairless cat body will be covered with a thin layer of fluff, this layer of fluff is very short, almost invisible to the naked eye, but can be touched by hand.

Second, there are rumors on the internet that people who are allergic to cat hair do not have allergies to hairless cats, which is wrong, because humans are allergic to cat hair, not to cat hair itself, but to cat saliva and sebum glands in a certain protein allergy. Therefore, hairless cats belong to low-sensitivity cats, not absolutely not allergic.

The sebum glands mentioned above are the main reasons why hairless cats need to be bathed and muddy.

Any cat will have sebum glands, and the cat’s sebum glands will secrete fat to protect the cat’s skin, but hairy cats because of hair cover, so the sebum gland secretion of fat will not be easily contaminated with dust, even if the cat rolls on the ground, dust will only be contaminated on the cat’s hair, shaking good.

But hairless cat hair is too short, short to protect the sebum glands at all, so hairless cat has to bathe frequently because it has grease mixed dust!

Because there is dust when bathing hairless cats, you need to gently rub your hands, at this time will easily rub out the mud, that is, we call the bath mud.

In addition to having to bathe mud, may also have to squeeze it blackhead, according to the survey, there is a considerable number of hairless cats suffering from folliculitis, so in its chin position, very small black spots, these small black spots will clog the cat hair follicles, so need to manually squeeze out, and then give the cat medicine.

Does this set of actions feel familiar? Yes, it’s basically the same as our human blackhead, pictured below is an officer squeezing its hairless cat blackhead.

Isn’t that “interesting”? In addition, hairless cats also need summer sun protection, winter warmth, careless will be sunburn or cold.

So hairless cat seems to be simple to keep, do not shed hair, in fact, it is much more difficult to get on with it than the general hairy cat, the most intuitive feeling of raising a hairless cat, is with a child without any difference.

Therefore, do not recommend novice shovel officials to keep hairless cats, not to recommend lazy people with hairless cats, if you really like hairless cats, please think carefully about whether you can afford this “interesting” because behind this fun, is the responsibility day after day.

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