“Little knowledge of petting” cat always shed tears is what is going on

Cats are always in tears, the owner can see if the cat’s hair is growing longer, stimulate the eyes, or there is no dust and wood chips around the cat’s eyes constantly stimulate the cat’s eyes, so that the cat’s eyes this situation, if not, generally because the cat’s eyes by the environment or diet, the owner should pay attention to help the cat deal with.

1, Clean the cat’s surroundings

Cat surrounding environment, cat’s eyes are more important, the owner should pay attention to clean the surrounding environment so that cats can live in a clean environment. In cleaning, pay attention to be careful, some of the more easily ignored corners should also be cleaned. Owners should also pay attention to often open windows so that the air in the home to maintains circulation, the cat’s eyes are also good. There is also cat sand for cats, but also to choose some dustless dust tofu or pine cat sand, otherwise, cats in the process of use will also stimulate the eyes.

2. Clean the cat’s eyes

In the cat tears, the owner should pay attention to the cat clean the eyes in time, you can first use a clean cotton ball to the cat wipe the eye circumstant and then give the cat drops into some cat-eye drops, if the cat has scratched their own, give the cat to wear Elizabeth circle. In addition, before the cat’s eyes are good, there may always be tears or secretions, the owner should also pay attention to timely cleaning of the cat.

3, Pay attention to adjust the cat’s diet

Cat’s diet is also more important to the eyes, the owner in addition to the cat eating cat food, it is recommended to prepare some meat and fruits and vegetables for the cat every day, especially fruits and vegetables, can let the cat supplement vitamins, the cat’s eyes are more important. The owner can also prepare some nutrients for the cat, mix in the daily meal, let the cat eat together, help the cat reduce the symptoms of the eye.

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