Meet Picasso, America’s Most Well-Known Wild Horse, Who Will Astound You With His Stunning Coat.

A herd of wild horses has garnered fame as they gallop through the terrain in the Sand Wash Basin, which stretches across Northwest Colorado. Picasso, a gorgeous pinto stallion who has climbed beyond the renown of even his fellow herd members to become one of America’s most famous wild horses, has risen above the fame of even his fellow herd members.

Picasso is said to be around 30 years old, making him the herd’s oldest mustang. His age seemed to have earned him a lot of respect from his fellow equines. According to Patti Mosbey, a visitor to the basin, even the other mustangs regard Picasso with veneration.

Mosbey noticed the famed stallion with two bands of horses when touring the basin in the summer of 2014, according to Denver7 News. Mosbey remarked that when Picasso walked past them, the rest of the herd split in half to make place for the legend, “as if to pay reverence to the King.”

“You almost thought they were deferring to him,” she continued, alluding to the special moment. “Nobody wanted to challenge him.”

Picasso, who has a dusty white-and-black mane, was the herd’s most renowned horse even before he reached his current estimated age, which is thought to be unusual for a mustang surviving in the severe circumstances of the basin, where summers are scorching and winter temperatures drop below freezing.

It was more than a decade ago that a Humane Society volunteer studying the wild horse herd saw his distinctive coat and said that he looked “like a Picasso.”

In the aftermath, photographer Nancy Roberts came upon the now-famous mustang in 2010 and shared her photographs on social media. Picasso’s renown grew quickly after that, quickly blossoming into the icon that he is now.

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