Meet the tender story of Betty, the dog with ‘human eyebrows’ that no one wanted to adopt

Dogs have become important members of some families. However, there are homeless pets in the world who wait long periods in shelters to find someone who will give them some love, as happened with Betty, whose story touched many Facebook users.

The canine was rescued in the city of Bratsk(Russia). When they just found her, they thought a stranger had painted her eyebrows with a marker. However, they were surprised when they discovered that the lines above their eyes were part of their genetics.

When they took her to the animal asylum, they gave her a good bath in the hope of removing the paint she had on her forehead, but great was the surprise of the keepers to see that they were for real.

“I’ve been working here at the shelter for a long time, but I never saw anything like this,” said the dog’s caretaker, Olesya Novopoltseva.

Betty or Frida, as they initially called her, was rescued from the cold Russian streets and transferred to a canine care center where a long season awaited her because nobody wanted to adopt her when they saw the strange ‘eyebrows’ she had, very similar to human ones.

However, the day came when he found his ideal family. Oksana Maymsina, a woman resident of Bratsk, saw the post on the internet and was immediately encouraged to meet the canine. After her adoption, Betty’s case has become well known in the locality.

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